Posted on: May 27, 2020 Posted by: Shay Villere Comments: 0

I’m not a fan of slow writing.

I write my daily messages to my group members in less than ten minutes usually. That’s roughly five seven or eight sentence paragraphs in under ten, almost every time. I don’t think about them much. Many of them are very similar. But the style of my writing has proven to be somewhat hypnotic.

Dean Koontz writes for ten hours, almost daily. Stephen King MUST do something similar. But do they enjoy it? Are YOU writing to make money, or have fun? I believe that writing is only worth anything when it IS done for fun. But of course, I also like getting paid for moving units.

Stop trying to connect your academic writing with your creative or communicative writing. Essays are a big joke! They have no place in the real world usually. When was the last time an essay was a best seller? I would rather write how I like and leave the footnotes and bibliographies to someone who has more time. Right now, I have people to connect with, and if something gets in the way of that goal…sayonara!