Posted on: June 24, 2020 Posted by: Shay Villere Comments: 0

This book was a long time coming. After operating as an angel for about five years I realized there were younger people, younger angels, and maybe older folks with less combat experience who needed the kind of information I had accumulated. You see I had really begun this life many many years ago as a five year old child kneeling in the pew with my father as we learned what the difference was between right and wrong. The war I have been waging started all the way back then. But now I was looking at things in a whole new light. I was watching demons and angels jump through traffic. I was seeing angels and demons that were supposed to be invisible. Most of all, I was helping people. So this book is just that: a little instruction manual for folks who are just beginning this kind of life. Folks, this is something that the world has never seen, and most likely never will again; that is, until I write a sequel.

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