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A young girl walks down the street. She passes a group of vagrants who start to harass her, then suddenly they walk the other way.An old man is making his way down an escalator, he trips suddenly and starts to fall, but somehow he bounces off the guardrail and suddenly manages to steady his feet.A war rages, with bullets flying everywhere, but as a poor family scurries for cover, nothing manages to touch them.You may have thought you knew what there was to know about angels. I assure you there is more to learn. I have been interacting with angels for over twenty years. One day they told me there was a book that needed to be written. This is that book.You will come to understand that angels have jobs, they have friends, and they have feelings. They know how we regard them and they know they are generally misunderstood. They merely want to work at the metaphysical careers they are pursuing. As you read, do your best to be open-minded, because never before has there been a book written quite this way about this particular subject.

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