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Table of Contents

IntroductionBeware Jobs That Don’t Satisfy ChristJumping Through Hoops = More HoopsDangers Of Group ThinkingThe Desecration MachineAngel Travel, Thought, EtcServant To Business PartnerA Miracle GuideHidden Meaning Of Coincidence And ReflectionSocial Circle DynamicsYou Provide 20% God Provides 80%SpeedSpiritual WarfareI Never Thought It Would Turn Out Like ThisYour Decisions VS God’s DecisionsYou’ll Be Much Better Off When You RealizeThis World TRIES To Drive You InsaneThe Power Of The CocoonDoes Dying Erase Your Memories?The Trick Is ControlHidden StrengthsYou Must Become RelentlessAre You A Creator Or Reactor?Changing The SituationGlengary Glen GodRight-Around-The-Corner MiracleYour Life Is Meant To Have Impact!The Political ProblemFaith And ProofThe Bible Is The Proper Definition Of RealityA Partially Lived Life?The Many Roles Of The Lord Life As A ProcessDiscover That You And God Can Do It AllWhat does God Wants From You?What will you Be Doing After You Die?If I Gave You What You Got At ChurchThe Money Game And The Jesus GameIs It All A Joke?The Jesus InvestmentStay In The Good Graces Of Your WifeThe Miracle SystemGetting Rid Of The GrindHow Do You Solve Depression?The Reciprocal Nature Of GodBattling DemonsThe John Cusack EffectYou Are A Product Of How You Spend Your DaysSuccessThe Difference DynamicThe Dream RoomGod’s VoiceEvery Day Is Not The SameIf Jesus Was Not The SaviorAngelsLimitless Christian ThoughtThe Invisible TeamThe Strength To Do NothingThe Problem(S) With Formatted ReligionThe Biology Of A MiracleEntertainment Before BedExporting Christianity To Muslim NationsTrouble With AgendasThe Key To The KingdomWhy You Change What You ChangeThe Invisible Enemy: Entrenched SinAvoiding EvilChrist Means Caring For OthersBring It HomeAre You Dying Tonight?We’re Christians…We Only Play DefenseThe Foundation Of Sin: LiesThe Full ChamberThe Power In LunchLack Of Proof And The Proof Of MiraclesThe Man/Woman Argument Jesus And SnowChasing The FlameFighting The InvisibleBetter Safe Than SorryDemanding The BestCircumstances Never MatterThe Self-Destructive Nature Of EvilSatan’s most Powerful Tool: ApathyThe Relationship BankThe Pleasure Of PrayerThe Missing Message Of ChristThe Discovery That You And God Can Do It AllWhy Apathy Can Destroy YouSpiritual Warfare And The Best Way To Deal With ItThe Group Should Never Do Your Thinking For YouThe Glory Of Changing LivesLies: From Spontaneous To PlannedThe Productive SpouseThe Two Most Important Components Of PrayerThe HeroIt Does Not Take Effort To Battle EvilThe Curse Of SettlingThe Direction Of The DictionWhat Rich Guys Do (by Mistake)Did You Ever Notice That No One Cares?Detect The DefectThe Death ProcessGod Is Not Here To Produce Miracles For YouRich And PoorJesus Is Not Coming BackA Christmas CarolFreedom: Big Word, Bigger MeaningBlaming God And/Or Satan For CatastrophesSmart And FinalThe Joy Of ProgressJesus, The Start Of The JourneyDefeat Da FeetThe Foundation Of Sin: LiesBeware The Christian Clichés
God The Father And God The SonTime TravelThe Biggest Mistake You Probably MakeWere We Really Born Flawed?On Assignment From GodAre You Always Running In Crisis-Mode?Properly Chasing Your DreamsThe Power Christians WieldHeavenly Decision MachineThe Joy Lesson The Impossible Is Possible In Christ JesusTruth -> Reality -> Perception -> Interpretation -> DecisionDon’t Blame Yourself If Your Faith Feels LowA Real Success Formula With Jesus!The Interior DevilYour Prayers And How God Acts, Or Does Not Act, On ThemThe Power Cycle Of HeavenYou Are Imprisoned, We Can Fix ThatThe Desire For BraidsLiars Don’t Just LieWaking Up In A Different Existence Through ChristResultsAre You In It For Heaven?How Does Christ Impact The World?Seen A Miracle Lately?New Vs Long Term FriendsThe “A” WordDo You Believe In Luck?What’s Your Biggest Problem?Maybe I Don’t Talk About This EnoughAvoid SettlingFlyingPrayer For PowerFinishing The Game Christ ChangeThe Non-Power Of TerroristsThe Importance Of This MinistryMinistry Status UpdateThe Track Meet Of LifeWielding The Faith Of The ChristI’m Determined To Keep Fighting For ChristThe Effect Of A PresentGod At WorkA Life Lived For GodAnyone Out There Have Really Bad Days Sometimes?The Marriage MindThe Difference-MakersBeing An Effective ChristianReal Freedom And The Fastest Way To Get ItMoving From Dependence To IndependenceThinking The TruthFaith And FreedomWhat Do You Do?The Unconscious BattleWhat Do You Think God Wants From You?Are You Always Running In Crisis Mode?

This book is designed to teach you proven truth about how to make miracles happen in your life and the lives of others! While I suggest you read it in it’s entirety, real help can be found in each individual passage. We do not claim to be God. We do not claim to have any more power than the next person in the world. But our methods work, and if you have studied Christianity for a while and felt like there was more to it, here you go! Enjoy!

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